FAQ: How To Draw A Cute Pumpkin?


How do you draw a pumpkin?

Coat a pumpkin with 2 coats of black spray paint. Let the paint dry, then draw designs on the pumpkin using a white paint pen. Alternatively, you can paint the pumpkin white, then draw on it using a black permanent marker or a black paint pen.

How do you draw a pumpkin for beginners?


  1. Draw a center oval.
  2. Add a curved shape on the right.
  3. Add a curved shape on the left.
  4. Add a curved shape on the right.
  5. Add a curved shape on the left.
  6. Place a stem on the top.
  7. Draw a vine with leaves and horizon line.
  8. Trace with aa marker. Color with yellow and light green crayons.

Will acrylic paint wash off a pumpkin?

If you’re painting with kids, choose a washable paint so you don’t have to worry too much about the mess! If it’s just adults, acrylic or spray paint are the best paints for pumpkins (as they won’t crack), and puff paint can be used for certain detailed painting, such as creating a lacy effect.

Will permanent marker stay on a pumpkin?

Permanent markers really adhere to the pumpkin skin. I love this variety pack of Sharpies – so you have every width of marker to work with in the designs. Store your pumpkins at room temperature for an hour or so, and then it will be all warmed up. Finally, don’t forget to clean the pumpkin and dry it completely.

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What to use to write on a pumpkin?

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers – I love myself some Sharpies. Buy these and you’ll find so many uses for them if you love writing on things! For mini pumpkins that served as place cards at my workshop this past weekend, I used the Extra Fine Sharpie Paint Marker in rose copper and it was so pretty.

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