FAQ: How To Draw A Fox?


How do you draw a fox easy?


  1. Draw the head.
  2. Add a small circle nose.
  3. Draw two brow lines as shown.
  4. Add two circle eyes.
  5. Draw the body shape.
  6. Add L shaped front legs.
  7. Draw the belly line around them.
  8. Add a tail and grass line.

How do you draw an animal Fox?

How to Draw a Fox (Red Fox )

  1. Step 1: Draw two circles next to each other as guides for the fox’s body.
  2. Step 2: Draw another circle on the upper left side as a guide for the fox’s head.
  3. Step 3: Inside, draw two intersecting lines that will help you place the fox’s facial features later.

What is the Fox Colour?

Foxes of the genus V ulpes from Siberia and North America have three recognized colour phases: (1) The red fox is reddish brown or fulvous with black markings on feet and ears, and a white tip on the tail. (2) The cross fox is mostly red or fulvous but with an increased amount of black on the legs and underfur.

What animals eat foxes?

Foxes are eaten by animals above them in the food chain. Such animals include but are not limited to mountain lions, eagles, coyotes, wolves, lynxes, and bears, among others.

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