FAQ: How To Draw A Gem?


What Colour is Beryl?

Beryl Information

Data Value
Colors Colorless, white, light green, olive green, blue-green to blue (aquamarine), deep green (emerald), pink or peachy pink (morganite), greenish yellow, yellow (heliodor), pinkish orange, red (red beryl /bixbite).
Fracture Conchoidal to uneven
Hardness 7.5-8
Cleavage Indistinct


How do you draw crystal?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Crystals

  1. Begin by drawing a zigzag line. Use straight or slightly curved lines for each portion.
  2. Enclose a crystal.
  3. Outline the second crystal, again using connected, straight lines.
  4. Draw a third crystal emerging from between the first two.

Is Diamond a painting?

According to Chu, diamond painting is a combination of cross-stitch and paint -by-numbers. “You use an applicator to apply hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestones, one-by-one, on an adhesive color-coded canvas painting,” she explains. The end result is a vivid, shimmering work of art.

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