FAQ: How To Draw A Knife?


How do you draw a simple knife?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Knife

  1. Begin by drawing a pair of curved lines and connect them on each end.
  2. Draw two wavy lines extending from the top of the handle.
  3. Draw a wavy line extending from the handle, continuing one of the previous lines.
  4. Enclose a rounded hexagonal shape at the end of the handle.

How do you sketch a kitchen knife?

How to Draw a Kitchen Knife

  1. First of all we will need to draw the upper edge of the knife.
  2. Continue the line from the previous step and draw out the point and blade of our kitchen knife.
  3. Now we draw out the knife handle.
  4. Draw out the line of the cutting edge on the blade.

How do you draw a spoon?

To make the handle, draw a stretched drop shape and bend it a little in the end. Draw the body of the spoon by making an oval attached to the handle. Using the outline as reference, draw another line following it. This will give some depth to your spoon.

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