FAQ: How To Draw A Otter?


Who eats Otter?

Bobcats, alligators, coyotes, raptors, and other large predators will sometimes prey on North American river otters. River otters eat a variety of aquatic wildlife, such as fish, crayfish, crabs, frogs, birds’ eggs, birds and reptiles such as turtles.

How do you draw a Numbat?

Step 1: Let’s draw a numbat! Trace two upside-down letter Us for ears, then draw a sloped line for the front of the face. Trace another line going beneath it for the chin. Step 2: Trace a tiny line at the tip of the face for the snout and small line across the bottom for the mouth.

What does a wombat eat?

Wombats spend between 3 and 8 hours each night grazing on their favourite food, which is native grasses such as the tussocky ‘snow grass’, wallaby grass and kangaroo grass. They will also eat sedges and the roots of shrubs and trees. They cut their food with sharp, chisel-like front teeth which grow continuously.

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