FAQ: How To Draw A Poodle?


How do you draw a teddy bear dog?

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Start by drawing a rounded square with a wavy lines.
  2. Draw the body by enclosing another square shape using a long, wavy line.
  3. Draw one ear using two curved wavy lines, allowing the lines to meet in a point.
  4. Sketch two ā€œUā€ shapes at the bottom of the body to form two legs.

How do you draw a puppy’s eye Easy?

How to Draw Realistic Dog Eyes

  1. Begin by drawing two lines on your page.
  2. Draw two diagonal lines.
  3. Shape up the dog eyes.
  4. Draw the iris part of the eyes.
  5. Outline the white shine in the eyes.
  6. Darken the iris and eye outline.
  7. Use a 6B pencil to further darken the eyes.
  8. Lightly sketch in the fur.

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