FAQ: How To Draw A Skirt?


What are the types of skirt?

Types of Skirts

  • A-line skirt. The A-line skirt is a great skirt for the pear-shaped figure (that’s me!).
  • Box pleat skirt. The box pleat skirt is a variation of the pleat types of skirts.
  • Bubble skirt.
  • Circular skirt.
  • Gathered skirt.
  • Handkerchief skirt.
  • High/low skirt.
  • High waisted skirt.

What is ruffle skirt?

Dress down a womens floral ruffle wrap for an on-trend office look or vamp up a high-waist tulle mid-length skirt to turn heads around town. Easy to wear and oh-so versatile, you will work the room in ruffle hem.

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