FAQ: How To Draw A Straight Line In Word?


How do you draw a straight horizontal line in Word?

How to Add a Horizontal Line in Word

  1. Launch Word.
  2. Click the Insert tab, then click the “Shapes” button in the Illustrations group.
  3. Click the first line icon in the Lines menu that drops down.
  4. Press and hold down the “Shift” key to keep your line straight when you draw it.
  5. Format the line, if desired, by clicking it.

How do you write a straight horizontal line?

Press and hold the “Shift” key, then press and hold the hyphen “-” key, located two keys to the left of “Backspace” on a PC or “Delete” on a Mac. This creates a solid, horizontal straight line.

Why can’t I draw a straight line in Word?

To work around this problem and make the straight line horizontal, set the height to zero in the Size tab of the Layout dialog box. Similarly, to make the straight line vertical, set the width to zero. To display the Layout dialog box, right-click the line and choose More Layout Options.

How do you draw a straight line?

In Concepts for iOS, Windows, and Android: The simplest way to draw straight lines is to set your tool’s smoothness to 100%. This turns every stroke you draw into a straight line between your starting point and ending point, no matter how shaky your hand is.

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How do you draw a free hand in Word?

Draw or edit a freeform shape

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Shapes.
  2. Under Lines, do one of the following: To draw a shape that has both curved and straight segments, click Freeform.
  3. Click anywhere in the document, and then drag to draw.
  4. To finish drawing the shape, do one of the following:

Which tool is used to draw a straight line?

Answer: Answer:Ruler is used to draw straight line.

How do you type a vertical line?

You can type a straight vertical line, or “|,” on most modern keyboards dating back to some of the 1980s IBM PCs. It’s generally found above the backslash, so you can type a “|” by holding down the shift key and hitting the “” key.

Is a straight line?

A straight line or line is an endless one-dimensional figure that has no width. The straight line is a combination of endless points joined on both sides of a point. A straight line does not have any curve in it. Straight Line.

1. Introduction to Straight Line
8. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


How do you draw a straight arrow in Word?

On the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon, click the “Shapes” button. In the Lines group on the drop-down menu, click the “ Line Arrow ” option. A crosshair symbol will display. Press and hold your mouse button, then drag to draw the arrow.

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