FAQ: How To Draw Bunny?


How do you draw a bunny art project for kids?


  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Start the cheeks.
  3. Draw the top of the head.
  4. Add shoulders and ears.
  5. Add mouth and eyes.
  6. Trace with a thick marker. Draw rows lightly with pencil.
  7. Start fur lines with a thin marker.
  8. Continue until they are filled. Erase the pencil lines.

What animal eats a bunny?

Wild rabbits are often eaten by snakes, eagles, hawks, owl, foxes and raccoons. Domesticated rabbits kept as pets can also fall victim to these predators if the rabbits are kept outside, but dogs and cats may also kill and eat rabbits. Rabbits have no defensive skills, which leaves them especially vulnerable to attack.

How do you draw a bunny nursery for kids?


  1. Draw an oval head.
  2. Start the face.
  3. Draw the two eyes.
  4. Start the back.
  5. Add the leg below.
  6. Finish with the front legs.
  7. Add ears and chest line. Add other back leg.
  8. Draw inside ears and tail. Add a grass line.

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