FAQ: How To Draw Dbz Style?


How do you get good at drawing in Dragon Ball?

practice drawing a full body all at once, then multiline it. Once your done, try another body type, for example, if you draw gogeta, try veku next so you can see if you have truley gotten better. Keep sketching and multilining until you can get about 5 nice ones you are happy with.

What is Shintani style?

Shintani’s designs are simple and friendly for the animators, proportionally realistic, look correctly from a frontal perspective and maintain features of both the modern and ancient style of Toriyama’s art, as well as those of Minoru Maeda.

What pencil does Akira Toriyama use?

Toriyama said that he bought that pen at the age of 14 but he used it more later as a professional manga artist. He also used a mechanical pencil (0,5mn,2B). Nowadays, he relies more on Adobe Photoshop for his models’ designs.

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