FAQ: How To Draw Pumpkins?


How do you draw a easy pumpkin?


  1. Draw a center oval.
  2. Add a curved shape on the right.
  3. Add a curved shape on the left.
  4. Add a curved shape on the right.
  5. Add a curved shape on the left.
  6. Place a stem on the top.
  7. Draw a vine with leaves and horizon line.
  8. Trace with aa marker. Color with yellow and light green crayons.

How do you teach a child to draw?

For children, start by having them practise drawing their toys, a house plant, their stuffed animals and break down the objects into simplified shapes and lines to help them practice looking like an artist. Set aside time to practice drawing like you would with piano practice.

What can you draw on a pumpkin?

Draw your chosen design on the pumpkin using a washable marker: a comical face, silhouettes of animals, an abstract geometric drawing or ancient-style symbols like hieroglyphs. Wipe away portions of the design if you aren’t happy with it and redraw as desired.

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