FAQ: How To Draw Realistic Monsters?


How do you draw a real monster?

How to Draw your Realistic Monster

  1. Drawing the torso. Remember to keep the torso and the waist separated from each other.
  2. Drawing the legs. Regarding the legs, the size of the thigh will be 2 heads more or less.
  3. Drawing the arms.
  4. The Secondary Arms.
  5. The Insect Arms.
  6. The Head.
  7. Detailing our monster.

What are good monster names?

Normally, in movies, the negative character or villain has extremely usual names. Scary name for Monsters.

Grootslang Kelpie Freddy Krueger
Adze Typhon Rusty nail
Diao Si Gui Minotaur Matilda Dixon
Kamaitachi Cerberus Mary Shaw
Penanggalan Wendigo Michael Myers


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