FAQ: How To Draw Someone Looking Down?


Why is it so hard to draw faces?

Drawing a face is so hard because people look at a lot of different faces every day. Besides, they look at them for long durations of time because most of us look people in the eye during a conversation. Therefore, you subconsciously know how a face looks right.

How do you draw a 3/4 skull?

Start by drawing a circle.

  1. Then find the center line.
  2. Next, we’ll find the brow-line.
  3. This line here will represent the point where the front plane of the skull meets the side plane.
  4. Fill in the side of the face.
  5. Now draw in the noseā€¦ and attach the jaw.

Why can’t I draw what I see?

Turn the photo upside down and then try to draw it. Because you will be looking at the face in a different way, you won’t see the eyes or mouth as you usually do, so you have to look carefully at each shape or each line to draw it exactly as it is, not as you think it should be.

What to do if you are bad at drawing?

Actively seek out inspiration and draw it. Draw your ideas and use your sketchbook to refine them into something better. Take the time to sketch, and you will improve. It doesn’t matter if you are just scribbling or drawing details; just get out there and draw real things.

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Why can’t I draw the same thing twice?

When drawing, you have to use the right side of the brain. This is the brain’s creative side, and you are using the more logical side of your brain. When drawing the same object twice, you have to facilitate the shift from the right side to your brain’s left side.

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