FAQ: How To Draw The Batmobile?


How do you draw a brown bat?

Step 1: Draw a circle with two triangles on the upper sides for the head. Step 2: Draw two tiny dots in the bottom of the head and two larger ones in the middle for nostrils and eyes. Add a small line in one of the ears to define the shape. Step 3: Under the head, draw an upside-down teardrop for the body.

How do you draw a rat for beginners?

How to Draw a Rat

  1. Step 1: Draw a big circle as a guide for the rat’s body.
  2. Step 2: Draw a smaller circle on the left as a guide for the rat’s head.
  3. Step 3: Draw two intersecting lines inside the rat’s head to help you place the facial features later on.
  4. Step 5: Draw two arcs on the rat’s head as guides for the ears.

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