How To Draw A Arctic Fox?


How do you draw a fox easy?


  1. Draw the head.
  2. Add a small circle nose.
  3. Draw two brow lines as shown.
  4. Add two circle eyes.
  5. Draw the body shape.
  6. Add L shaped front legs.
  7. Draw the belly line around them.
  8. Add a tail and grass line.

What is the Fox Colour?

Foxes of the genus V ulpes from Siberia and North America have three recognized colour phases: (1) The red fox is reddish brown or fulvous with black markings on feet and ears, and a white tip on the tail. (2) The cross fox is mostly red or fulvous but with an increased amount of black on the legs and underfur.

How do you draw a small fox easy?

Step by Step Fox Drawing Instructions

  1. Start by drawing an “valley” with a slightly triangular feel to it.
  2. Draw an arch.
  3. Draw to arches withing the head.
  4. Draw ears and facial features – eyes and nose/snout.
  5. Draw the shape bellow the head – almost like you would draw a heart, just without the top.
  6. Draw two legs.

How do you draw a Snow Wolf?

How to draw an arctic wolf

  1. Determine the desired size of the animal you want to draw.
  2. Using light strokes, mark the paws, belly and a chest.
  3. With the help of your symmetry line, draw the animal’s eyes, ears and nose.
  4. Finish your work on the wolf’s paws.
  5. Work attentively with the wolf’s fur.

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