How To Draw A Beanie?


How do you draw a cartoon hat?

How to Draw A Cartoon Hat

  1. Start this drawing lesson by sketching two oval shapes.
  2. Next, add a small line below the biggest oval shape.
  3. Continue your artwork by refining the line near the opening of the hat.
  4. Finally, draw a side band on the crown of your hat.
  5. Add some colors (mostly black) to your illustration.

Can you sew a beanie?

When sewing, closer to one top of the beanie, leave a 3-4 cm unstitched. Because through that opening, you would turn the hat on the right side. Stich that seam with serger/overlocker or sewing machine, so that the opening stays unsewed.

How do you make a bucket hat?

How to Draw a Bucket Hat Easy Step by Step for Kids

  1. Draw a hat, and draw a curve on it.
  2. Then draw a slightly narrower brim, as shown above.
  3. Draw two curves on the brim.
  4. Draw a small accessory at the bottom, and connect it to the brim with two lines.
  5. Finally, simply color it and the grass-green bucket hat is done!

How do you draw a face cap?


  1. Begin by drawing a semicircle. This will be the part of the hat that will rest on your head.
  2. Add the visor. To do so, first draw a rectangle, then add a small triangle beneath it.
  3. Add the curves for the cap.
  4. Ink the drawing.
  5. Color and shade the drawing.
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What is the shape of cap?

The overall shape of the hat is an oval, with a turned up lip around the brim of the style and generally curved up sides. The primary feature of the hat is the center-dent crown though.

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