How To Draw A Crab?


What is the coolest crab?

Five Amazing Crab Species

  • Orangutan Crab. Those of you who have dived the central Indo-Pacific may have encountered the fantastically named orangutan crab.
  • Candy Crab.
  • Horseshoe Crab.
  • Pom-pom Crab.
  • Japanese Spider Crab.

Who eats crab?

Most crabs have many natural enemies, or predators. Birds attack smaller crabs, sometimes carrying them high into the air and then dropping them on boulders to crack their shells. Fish with powerful, shell-crunching jaws also eat crabs. Many kinds of mammals, from seals to raccoons, also look forward to a crab dinner.

How many legs do crabs have?

“How do they move?” Crabs have ten paired legs of which the front two are usually claws. Swimming crabs such as the flying crab have two flattened, back legs used as paddles for swimming. Many crabs can only walk sideways, but not all of them.

What do crabs eat?

They will eat just about anything they can catch and crack open with their pincers, including shrimp, brittle stars, sponges, worms, small fish, and small shelled creatures like scallops, mussels, other crabs, and cockles.

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