How To Draw A Firefighter?


How do you color a firefighter?

White for Chief or Assistant Chief, Red for Captain, Black for Lieutenant, Yellow for Firefighter, Green for Safety Officer.

What is the Colour of fireman?

The color red is not only a historical color for the station, it is a color that many firefighters identify with due to tradition and familiarity. It’s no surprise that there is an excessive use of bright red throughout fire facilities.

How do you draw fire and smoke?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Flames and Smoke

  1. Begin by outlining the flames.
  2. Draw more licking flames, again using curved lines of various lengths.
  3. Add additional flames to the foreground of your drawing.
  4. Continue drawing flames using sets of short, curved lines.

How do you make a firefight dress?

To make a DIY Firefighter costume, you will need:

  1. Two 2L pop bottles.
  2. Black Spray Paint.
  3. Yellow, red or orange duct tape or washi tape.
  4. Red or Black ribbon or shoelaces.
  5. Paper plates.
  6. Red paint.
  7. Silver or gold paint.
  8. Paintbrushes.

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