How To Draw A Mandala For Beginners?


How do you start a mandala art for beginners?

As you draw more and more designs, your mandala will start to look more complex. The key is to take it slowly, drawing one shape at a time and going around the whole circle drawing that one shape in the right place. Then you build on that shape by drawing other shapes around the circle in the same manner.

What do you need to draw mandalas?

What You Will Need

  1. sheet of paper (even copy paper will do )
  2. pencil.
  3. drawing compass.
  4. ruler.
  5. protractor.
  6. fineliner/thin marker/pigment ink pen (any color you like)
  7. (optionally) thicker marker.

What are three types of mandalas?

While there are several types of mandalas, we will focus on the three most common: the teaching, healing, and sand mandalas. While the first two types are designated by their purpose, sand mandalas are unique in that their meaning lies in both their creation and destruction.

Which pencil is used for mandala art?

You don’t need any particular make what’s more important is the grade of pencil. HB or B, such as these ones, is a good choice for drawing mandalas and other geometric patterns, Celtic knot designs etc. They will not smudge too easily, neither will they leave a hard indent in the paper when rubbed out.

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What is a mandala pattern?

A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, romanized: maṇḍala, lit. ‘circle’, [ˈmɐɳɖɐlɐ]) is a geometric configuration of symbols. A mandala generally represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers.

How do you make your own mandala?

Start off by cutting your paper into a precise square shape and draw a small dot in the center. Then, place 4 equally-spaced dots around the central dot, and continue expanding these dots using equal distances until you’ve created a ‘+’ shape.

What is the difference between Zentangle and Mandala?

Mandalas are religious in origin and mostly have a central or grid design that picture the inner or outer world in schematic design. Mandalas are commonly used by tantric Buddhists as an aid to meditation. Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns.

How do you draw a mandala freehand?


  1. Draw Mandala Guidelines. Start by drawing a large circle in pencil.
  2. Add Organic Shapes. Draw your first organic shape!
  3. Trace in Ink. Now that your mandala is finished, trace over the pencil lines with ink to make the design bolder.
  4. Add Fine Details.

How do mandalas heal?

Mandala is the Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’. When somebody creates a mandala it becomes a window for exploring one’s inner self. It is used for insight, healing and self-expression in a circular design, reflecting the wholeness of the person creating it.

What are different types of Mandala?

Below are three main types of mandalas and how they are used.

  • Teaching Mandala. Teaching mandalas are symbolic, and each shape, line, and color represents a different aspect of a philosophical or religious system.
  • Healing Mandala.
  • Sand Mandala.
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What is a mandala Lotus?

One of the most popular types of mandala tattoos is the lotus mandala. This is a mandala that’s in the shape of a lotus flower. The mandala design itself dates back to ancient India as a symbol used for meditation and healing, but they’re not limited to this part of the world.

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