How To Draw A Monster Truck?


How do you make a big monster truck?

Start by drawing a small horizontal line with two bumps along the way for wheel wells. Now let’s draw the rest of the body of the cartoon monster truck. On the left side draw a line up and over for the hood of the monster truck. Then continue the line diagonally up, over and down to draw the cab where the driver sits.

What is the most popular truck color?

Pickup Trucks

  • White (28 percent)
  • Gray (24.5 percent)
  • Black (17.5 percent)
  • Silver (11 percent)
  • Red (9 percent)
  • Blue (5 percent)
  • Green (3 percent)
  • Gold/Beige and Brown (tied for 1 percent)

What is the name of the shark monster truck?

Rick Steffens drove the truck on the Samson chassis for the 2020 International Tour.

Tiger Shark
Owner Holman Motorsports ( truck ), Xtreme Monster Sports Inc. ( truck ), Hot Wheels ( name )
Drivers Bobby Holman, Ty Cornelius Jr., and Rick Steffens


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