How To Draw Anime Skirts?


How do you make anime ruffles?

Let’s start with a easy type of frill.

  1. Start with a zigzag line on the side, for as long as you want it to be (long as a skirt, a sleeveā€¦).
  2. Next, add in the lines marked in red and blue.
  3. After that, you’re done!
  4. Also, be sure to add in wrinkles when necessary.

What are the types of ruffles?

Let us look at the six different types of ruffle according to their placement.

  • Single edge ruffles. This is a very common design.
  • Double edge ruffles.
  • Double width ruffles.
  • Waterfall ruffles.
  • Circular ruffles.
  • Cascading ruffles.

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