How To Draw Hair On Procreate?


What brush do you use to make hair on procreate?

Hair Brushes for Procreate

  1. Soft Flowing Hair Brush – when you want your hair to be soft and flowing.
  2. 2 Block in brushes – to block in that basic hairstyle.
  3. Standard Hair Brush – the go to brush for hair.
  4. Textured Hair Brush – to add a slight texture to the hair.
  5. Smudgy Hair Brush – for soft and smooth hair.

How do I procreate my hair color digitally?

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Color Hair in Procreate

  1. Step One: Import your coloring page into Procreate.
  2. Step Three: Set your line art as a reference layer and change the blend mode.
  3. Step Four: Add a base colour on your hair strand.
  4. Step Five: Apply the rest of the colors to your hair strand.

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