How To Draw Pleats?


How do you make box pleats?

Drafting the template

  1. Measure your waist.
  2. Divide your waist measurement by the desired number of pleat.
  3. Since each pleat takes 3 times its width in fabric, multiple your waist measurement by 3: 25 x 3 = 75 (the fabric you need to make ten 2.5”-wide box pleats ).
  4. Add your usual seam allowances (2 times for each panel).

What is ruffle skirt?

Dress down a womens floral ruffle wrap for an on-trend office look or vamp up a high-waist tulle mid-length skirt to turn heads around town. Easy to wear and oh-so versatile, you will work the room in ruffle hem.

How do you draw a heel?

  1. Mark off the width and height of the picture.
  2. Draw the shape of the bowl.
  3. Define with lines the places for the upper part and heel of the shoe.
  4. Sketch the heel and sole.
  5. Pay attention to the shapes of the heel and toe box.
  6. Draw a smooth line to make the toe box more attractive.

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