Often asked: How To Draw A Airplane Easy?


How do you draw a simple airplane?

  1. Draw the main fuselage of the plane.
  2. Draw the vertical section of the tail.
  3. Draw the horizontal section of the tail.
  4. Draw the two wings.
  5. Erase the gray line inside the wing.
  6. Draw the two engines.
  7. Erase the gray lines and draw the windows.
  8. Fill the sky with clouds.

How do you make an AXE for kids?

How to Draw a Axe?

  1. Step:1. Take a pencil and draw a slanting line.
  2. Step:2. Below the line, draw another slanting line.
  3. Step:3. On top, connect the 2 slanting lines with a straight line.
  4. Step:4. Similarly, connect the lines at the end of curve by drawing a small curve.
  5. Step:5.
  6. Step:6.
  7. Step:7.
  8. Step:8.

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