Often asked: How To Draw A Goose?


How do you draw a goose?


  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Attach a curve below as shown.
  3. Continue with the back.
  4. Connect the curved neck.
  5. Add a wing and tail feathers.
  6. Erase line and add eye and beak.
  7. Add feathers and two feet.
  8. Draw the background.

How do you draw a cartoon goose?

How to Draw A Cartoon Goose

  1. For this first step, sketch an oval to form the head.
  2. Next, add a long and thin rectangle to create the neck.
  3. To form the body, simply draw a large rectangle.
  4. For the legs, draw a rectangle to illustrate the feathers.
  5. Now work on the outline of the body of your animal friend.

What color are geese?

Domestic geese can be any color between completely gray (wild type) to completely white, but they are always big and blocky with a different bill shape.

How do you draw a California quail?

How to draw a California quail

  1. Mark off the width and height of the California quail.
  2. Draw the shapes of the body and neck.
  3. Add guidelines for the legs, wing and mouth of the California quail.
  4. Draw shapes for the legs, wing and beak.
  5. Draw the toes, tail, crest and eye of the bird.
  6. Add claws and feathers.

How do you draw a easy cow?


  1. Draw a large rectangle.
  2. Add a triangle shape on the left side.
  3. Erase the gray line. Draw a U shaped head.
  4. Again, erase the gray line and add two ears.
  5. Add in the face and draw two legs.
  6. Draw an udder.
  7. Draw two more legs in the back.
  8. Add a tail, spots, grass line and clouds.

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