Often asked: How To Draw A Stocking?


How do you make a Christmas stocking template?

Cut out the stocking cuff.

  1. Fold the main fat quarter in half and cut out 2 stocking shapes from the main fabric and then 2 from the lining fabric.
  2. Stocking cuff – cut 2 pieces on the fold of the fabric.
  3. Place the two pieces face down on top of each other ( patterns facing) and pin all the way around.

How much fabric do you need to make a stocking?

How Much Fabric to Buy. The stocking basically consists of one rectangle 6″ by 14″ and a square 6″ by 6″. You ‘ll need two of these for each stocking, so, including a ½” seam allowance, you ‘ll need a piece of fabric 14″ by 15″ per stocking.

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