Often asked: How To Draw Ghostbusters?


Is Stay Puft a sailor?

Stay Puft is okay. He’s a sailor; in New York.

What color eyes does Slimer have?

He has yellow eyes, but thinner, raised eyebrows.

What did they use in Ghostbusters for the marshmallow?

You’re close, but you’re not thinking disgusting enough. In the DVD commentary track for the 1984 comedy classic ” Ghostbusters,” producer-director Ivan Reitman reveals that the marshmallow that covers downtown New York after the team busts the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is actually shaving cream.

What does PUFT mean?

Definition. Options. Rating. PUFT. Productive Use of Free Time.

How do you stay PUFT in rocket League?

Completing event challenges will unlock those Stay Puft wheels, as well as Stay Puft and Slimer toppers, Ectoplasm and slime boosts, player banners, an avatar border, and a few other items.

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