Often asked: How To Draw Palm Trees?


How do you make a palm tree sketch?


  1. Draw a curved tree trunk.
  2. Add the section lines.
  3. Plan the leaves with 6 curved lines.
  4. Draw the sides of each leaf as shown.
  5. Add a line to thicken the spines.
  6. Draw the V shapes in the leaves.
  7. Erase the openings of the V shapes.
  8. Draw the coconuts, ocean and clouds.

What color is the trunk of a palm tree?

Trunk is light greyish brown in colour, smooth and marked with rings of leaf scars.

Why are palm trees painted white?

Painting the trunks of palm trees also is done to protect them from people who might drive cars into them in the dark. Especially when they are planted in the median or along a street with poor lighting, white paint can reflect headlights and save palm trees from vehicular damage.

Is a palm a leaf?

There are a few more than 3,000 different species of palms, but they typically produce just a few basic patterns of leaves. Two of the most common leaf structures produced by palm trees are the Fan-type/Palmate (Figure 30) and the Feather-type/Pinnate (Figure 31). Palm leaves can be very large and heavy!

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