Often asked: How To Draw Puckered Lips?


How do you draw puckered lips?

Written-Out Step by Step Instructions

  1. (Step 1) Draw a letter ‘M’ like shape for the top of the mouth.
  2. (Step 2) Lightly draw a letter ‘w’ like shape at top of lips.
  3. (Step 3) Draw a leaf shape at the bottom of the ‘w’ shape.
  4. (Step 4) Draw curved line for bottom of mouth.
  5. (Step 5) Start adding a shade of pink to the lips.

What is a pursed lip?

Pursed lip breathing is a simple technique for slowing down a person’s breathing and getting more air into their lungs. With regular practice, it can help strengthen the lungs and make them work more efficiently. The technique involves breathing in through the nose and breathing out slowly through the mouth.

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