Question: How To Draw A Beach Chair?


How do you draw a simple beach?


  1. Start a body on the lower left corner.
  2. Add legs, hair and bathing suit.
  3. Draw a blanket and umbrella.
  4. Add wavy line for water, and pail with shovel.
  5. Draw a figure on the right.
  6. Add a beach ball and lots of starfish.
  7. Draw two sailboats in the distance.
  8. Add a horizon line, waves and sky with clouds and birds.

What is the Colour of chair?

Questions & Answers on Coloured Plastic Chair

Color Min Price Max Price
Black Rs 1200/Piece Rs 1200/Piece
Brown Rs 250/Piece Rs 750/Piece
Red Rs 180/Piece Rs 1200/Piece


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