Question: How To Draw A Calf?


How do you draw a calf step by step?


  1. Draw an oval, and draw two curves inside to get your nose.
  2. Outline the head.
  3. Draw two circles for your eyes.
  4. At the top of the head, draw two horns.
  5. On the sides of the head, draw the ears.
  6. Draw the body of this calf, and draw one leg.
  7. Draw the body completely, and draw the other two legs at the same time.

What is the Cow baby?

baby cow is called a calf. A female calf is sometimes called a heifer calf and a male a bull calf.

How do you draw a cow with a baby?

Step 1: First, draw the head with the horns and ears at the top. Step 2: Next you’ll draw the face with a line separating the eyes and nose. Step 3: Then draw in the front legs and chest. Step 4: Then you’ll draw the back and belly of the body, leaving a space for the back leg.

How do you draw a easy girl kid?


  1. Draw a circle for the head.
  2. Add a hair line with bangs.
  3. Draw eyes, nose and a mouth.
  4. Add two pigtails.
  5. Draw a neck and simple dress.
  6. Add two legs and feet below.
  7. Draw two arms.
  8. Add a pocket and ground line.

How do you draw a cute cartoon cow?


  1. Draw an oval first, then draw a circular arc on it.
  2. Below the oval, draw your body and legs.
  3. Draw two horns on your head, and then draw your ears next to the horns.
  4. Draw small oval eyes and nose, then draw the markings on the cow’s body.
  5. Draw a smile under your nose, and draw your hands and tail.
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How do you draw a cow head Easy?


  1. Start at the bottom with a U shape.
  2. Draw a head connected above.
  3. Draw two angled eyes.
  4. Add two curved lines to the face.
  5. Draw the nose details.
  6. Add two ears.
  7. Draw the cow body on the side.
  8. Add landscaping to the background.

What are some cow names?

Top Cow Names

  • Bessie.
  • Brownie.
  • Buttercup.
  • Clarabelle.
  • Dottie.
  • Guinness.
  • Magic.
  • Nellie.

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