Question: How To Draw A Cartoon Eye?


How do you make cartoon eyes not creepy?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Shade small pupils into the center of the ovals.
  2. Draw and shade large pupils that fill the bottoms of the ovals.
  3. Draw the pupils on the inside of each oval, making the character look cross-eyed.
  4. Leave a small spot of the pupil unshaded to hint at the glint that often appears on human eyeballs in light.

How do you get cute eyes?

Here are 13 easy, no-fuss ways to help keep your eyes looking as bright and healthy as possible.

  1. Avoid dry air.
  2. Put green tea bags on your eyelids.
  3. Up your intake of omega fatty acids.
  4. Try using rose water.
  5. Use cucumbers to avoid puffiness.
  6. Try an eye massage.
  7. Get good quality sleep.
  8. Protect your eyes from the sun.

How can I make my eyes less creepy?

Just cut above her eyes, move it up and give her more forehead. I would try adding a small bit of light on the eyes to give an indication of where the light is hitting them since they are round. That’s why they look dead right now.

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