Question: How To Draw A Cute Easter Bunny?


How do you draw a Easter Bunny?


  1. Draw a slightly tilted head shape.
  2. Add two ears on top.
  3. Draw the inside ear lines and body.
  4. Add the details of the face.
  5. Draw the feet and tail.
  6. Add one arm and erase the inside.
  7. Draw the egg and belly line.
  8. Add an egg pattern and a background.

How do you draw a bunny step by step?


  1. Draw two intersecting circles.
  2. Draw a curved line on the side of the top circle to represent the bunny’s nose.
  3. Add almond shapes over the head for the ears.
  4. Add the eyes and whiskers.
  5. Do the same “furry” effect on the sketched outline of the bunny’s body.

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