Question: How To Draw A Head Looking Up?


How do you draw a 3/4 skull?

Start by drawing a circle.

  1. Then find the center line.
  2. Next, we’ll find the brow-line.
  3. This line here will represent the point where the front plane of the skull meets the side plane.
  4. Fill in the side of the face.
  5. Now draw in the nose… and attach the jaw.

How do you draw something down?

If you want to sketch looking down on your subject, make the line under the horizon or position it above the horizon if you want the viewer to look up. Remember that the horizon line represents your viewer’s eye level.

How do you draw a front head view?

How To Draw The Head — Front View

  1. Begin with a circle representing the top of the head. Add a smaller circle below the first.
  2. Add the hairline, which is lower than the top of the head even when the person is bald or shaved.
  3. Develop the eyes.
  4. Develop light and dark areas to describe the planes of the head and face.

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