Question: How To Draw A Nativity Scene?


Who is part of the nativity scene?

Nativity scenes exhibit figures representing the infant Jesus, his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph. Other characters from the nativity story, such as shepherds, sheep, and angels may be displayed near the manger in a barn (or cave) intended to accommodate farm animals, as described in the Gospel of Luke.

How do you make a silhouette painting?

Fill in the background with more than one colour to create depth. The silhouette is traditionally painted black. But you can change it up if you want. Mix it up with a lighter shade and create interesting patterns like the ones shown in this image.

How do you draw a simple man?

How to Draw a Man for Kids

  1. At first draw an oval as a guide for the head of our man.
  2. Sketch out the eyes using simple dots and eyebrows using curved lines.
  3. Draw the nose using simple lines and mouth using a curved line.
  4. Now draw out the line of hair as in my example.

How do you paint a Nativity scene on canvas?


  1. Paint a thin layer of water onto the canvas.
  2. Add a coat of Phthalo Blue over the water with a 3/4 Flat brush.
  3. Blend in titanium white with the Phthalo blue and go the rest of the way down.
  4. Let the painting dry.
  5. Paint the rays in the sky starting with phthalo blue and gradually getting lighter to white.

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