Question: How To Draw A Rose For Kids?


How do you draw a simple rose for kids?


  1. Draw the large right petal.
  2. Add the left petal behind the right.
  3. Draw the top of two more petals.
  4. Add the stem below the petals.
  5. Start the left leaves with the stem.
  6. Draw the leaves at each end,
  7. Start the right leaves with the stem.
  8. Draw the leaves at each end.

How do you draw a rose for preschoolers?


  1. Draw an oval.
  2. Add two curved lines.
  3. Connect the bottom.
  4. Add two petals. Erase line inside.
  5. Draw a swirl.
  6. Add details, and erase the line.
  7. Draw curved stem.
  8. Finish with leaves and thorns.

How do you draw a beautiful rose step by step?

Rose drawing step by step Add a small spiral starting at the center of the oval. Draw a heart around the oval shape making sure that the heart cleft is touching the top of the oval shape. Add a line starting from the side of the heart, following its shape, ending in a V shape at the bottom of the heart.

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