Question: How To Draw An Open Door?


How do you draw a door step by step?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Door

  1. Door drawing – step 1. Begin by drawing a straight horizontal line.
  2. Door drawing – step 3. Use three straight lines to draw a trapezoid, using one of the vertical beams of the smaller rectangle to form one of the sides of the shape.
  3. Door drawing – step 6.
  4. Door drawing – step 9.

How do you make a rectangular door?

How to Draw a Door for Beginners

  1. First, depict a simple vertically elongated rectangle.
  2. Draw two vertical lines along the sides of the door.
  3. Now draw some horizontal lines like in our example.
  4. Now draw a few more vertical lines between the lines from the previous stages.

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