Question: How To Draw Anime Expressions?


How do you draw good anime expressions?

One of the ways to draw a content or happy face when drawing Anime expressions is to create a careful half-smile with the lips closed, and draw the eyes open not too wide, as well as have the eyebrows follow the shape of the eye. To show laughter or joy, we can further manipulate the facial features.

How do you draw an angry girl anime?

How to Draw an Angry Anime Girl

  1. Okay, lets start the same as the happy girl.
  2. Start to draw in the side of the fringe, and the long hair in front of the ear.
  3. draw out the rest of the fringe.
  4. Draw in the rest of the hair.
  5. Draw in the shoulders and eyes.
  6. Finally, add in the nose, mouth and eyebrows!
  7. Okay!!

How do you draw an angry anime eye?

For an angry look draw the eyebrows down in a kind of inward wave shape. Draw the top eyelids down in an inward slope and draw the pupils slightly rolled up.

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