Question: How To Draw Frankenstein?


How do you draw Frankenstein art project for kids?


  1. Draw a large U with a flat top.
  2. Add the hair and brow line.
  3. Start the eye shapes underneath.
  4. Add inside eyes, nose, mouth.
  5. Add two ears near the hair.
  6. Draw two scews shapes.
  7. Add shoulders and collar below.
  8. Finish coat and add stitch lines.

How do you draw Crankenstein?


  1. Start a large U shape.
  2. Finish the U shape.
  3. Draw a zig zag line for the hair.
  4. Draw two eyes that are flat on top.
  5. Draw a wavy mouth and nose.
  6. Add two large ears.
  7. Draw curves for shoulders.
  8. Add neck and arm lines inside.

How do you draw a monster truck for kids?

Start by drawing a small horizontal line with two bumps along the way for wheel wells. Now let’s draw the rest of the body of the cartoon monster truck. On the left side draw a line up and over for the hood of the monster truck. Then continue the line diagonally up, over and down to draw the cab where the driver sits.

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