Question: How To Draw Gingerbread Man?


How do you make a gingerbread man out of paper?


  1. 1Print out the template. This craft can be done by either using a gingerbread man template or drawing your own gingerbread man.
  2. 2Cut out one template.
  3. 3Position the template.
  4. 4Fold the paper accordion-style.
  5. 5Fold or trim the excess paper.
  6. 6Cut out.
  7. 7Unfold the paper.
  8. 8Round out the corners.

How do you draw a man easy?

How to Draw a Man for Kids

  1. At first draw an oval as a guide for the head of our man.
  2. Sketch out the eyes using simple dots and eyebrows using curved lines.
  3. Draw the nose using simple lines and mouth using a curved line.
  4. Now draw out the line of hair as in my example.

How do you draw a man?

How to Draw a Man — Let’s get started!

  1. On the upper portion of your paper, draw an oval shape to create an outline of the man’s head.
  2. Step 2 — Outline the Head and the Torso.
  3. Step 3 — Draw Both Arms Attached to the Body.
  4. Step 4 — Afterwards, Draw the Right Leg.
  5. Step 5 — Now, Complete Drawing Both Legs.

How do you make a gingerbread man out of cardboard?

Here is how you make it:

  1. Trace the gingerbread man template onto cardboard.
  2. Cut him out.
  3. Ink around his edges with the brown ink.
  4. Use a white pen to add the ‘icing’.
  5. Add his buttons with mini glue dots.
  6. Add mini glue dots to his wrists and ankles and add the sequin trim.
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How do you cut a man’s paper chain?

Method 3 of 3: Making a Circle Chain

  1. Draw and cut a large circle in the middle of the paper.
  2. Fold the circle in half four times.
  3. Draw either a single or multi-figure person in the middle of the triangle.
  4. Cut out the person.
  5. Unfold the paper.
  6. Decorate with the circle chain.

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