Question: How To Draw Poop?


Is poop or chocolate ice cream?

This emoji is not Poop. It is ice cream.

What is the meaning of ?

Pile of Poop ( ), also known informally as the “poomoji”, “poop emoji”, or “poo emoji”, is an emoji resembling a coiled pile of feces, usually adorned with cartoon eyes and a large friendly smile. It can be used to convey disappointment or a gentle no, but it still holds its literal meaning.

What does l mean?

“Deadpool” wasn’t written on it in words, it simply only featured two emojis and a letter. L. What did that mean? Together, it would look like death poo l if you pick the right words, but just alter death to dead and you got yourself Dead Poo L. Deadpool.

What does a fart emoji look like?

Dashing Away Emoji Meaning A cartoon-styled gust of air. Depicted as a small, gray cloud with motion lines, rushing to the left.

What was the originally supposed to be?

The emoji was created to be much more innocent, originally it was supposed to be known as a chocolate soft serve swirl. It was then interpreted in Dazed Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post who came up with a list of ways the emoji could be used, citing poop as one use.

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