Question: How To Draw Stephen Curry?


Why is Steph Curry so good at 3 pointers?

Let’s start with the obvious: genetics. Steph was probably predisposed to being a good shooter given that his father, Dell Curry, was a 40% 3pt shooter for his career. He even led the NBA at a 47.6% clip in the lockout 1998-9 season. Aside from having his genes, Steph greatly benefited from having Dell around.

What is Steph Curry’s haircut called?

The fade effect – with the gradient machine – is the great detail of the Stephen Curry haircut style. The name cut temple fade taper refers to the temple, which receives a more trimmed cut. Then the rest of the side of the hair, creating an effect that practically removes the sideburns of the hairstyle.

Why is Steph Curry the best shooter ever?

Curry takes and makes shots that these legends would not even dream of attempting. From three-point range as a whole, Curry is shooting 43.3% on the season. As compared to Miller, Allen and Bird, Steph has a higher career three-point percentage than all of them by more than three percentage points.

Why is Steph Curry good at shooting?

He has a lot of good lower body mechanics, as well as some unorthodox ones. The most consistent thing in his shot is his upper body form. It’s always the same, irregardless of what his lower body is doing. I doubt he even needs legs anymore to shoot anything around the 3pt line and in.

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What is Drake’s haircut?

The Drake haircut is a trending men’s hairstyle, popular throughout the artist’s career. Typically, the style is a varying length, buzz cut with a fade. Style variations include a low fade and sometimes a high fade, often emphasizing a line up or pattern blended into his signature clean hairline.

What is Steph Curry worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steph Curry is worth around $150 million.

What is a drop fade haircut?

The drop fade haircut is a popular variation of the classic fade. Like the name suggests, this type of fade drops low and behind the ear, creating a somewhat curved taper fade. Given the shape of a man’s head, the arc-shape of the drop fade provides a more natural and even look.

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