Question: How To Draw The Mayflower?


How do you make the Mayflower ship?

1Cut a paper plate in half.

  1. 1Cut a paper plate in half. Cut a paper plate in half.
  2. Use two paper plates if you want a taller hull.
  3. 2Trim off the plate’s curved bottom.
  4. 3Join the two halves.
  5. 4Paint the ship.
  6. 5 Prepare the sails and masts.
  7. 6 Make a pair of holes on each sail.
  8. 7Position the largest sail.

How do you draw a ship for kids?

  1. Draw the water line.
  2. Start the bottom of the ship.
  3. Add an extra layer to the right side.
  4. Draw the mast poles.
  5. Add the yard poles.
  6. Draw the attached sails.
  7. Add the connecting ropes and flags.
  8. Finish with the windows.

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