Question: How To Draw Woody From Toy Story?


Will Toy Story 5 come?

Currently, Toy Story 5 does not have any official confirmation but the franchise lovers are waiting for the film. We can assume that the fifth movie will take some to come to fruition. Toy Story 5 doesn’t have an official confirmation. Lightyear will release on June 17, 2022.

How do you make a Forky?

How to make your own Forky

  1. Here’s what you need:
  2. Break a popsicle stick in half and push a quarter-sized ball of white art dough on top of the two pieces.
  3. Place two adhesive googly eyes on Forky’s face.
  4. Place the spork into the art dough and finish off Forky by twisting a red pipe cleaner around his body to make arms.

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