Quick Answer: How To Draw A Bell?


How do you draw a simple Christmas bell?


  1. Start with a symmetrical bow.
  2. Add the ribbon ends below.
  3. Draw a bell on the right.
  4. Finish the bottom bell details.
  5. Draw a bell on the left.
  6. Finish the bottom bell details.
  7. Start the leaves in the back.
  8. Finish the leaves in the back.

How do you draw easy Santa Claus?

Try this easy Santa Claus drawing by following this step by step tutorial. He looks like he’s waiting for a hug!

  1. Start the hat band.
  2. Add the face below, leaving space for the beard.
  3. Draw the beard around the face.
  4. Add a hat above the band.
  5. Draw the sleeves with cuffs.
  6. Add mittens ad belt.
  7. Finish the suit below the belt.

Why is the Liberty Bell cracked?

Cast at London’s Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the bell arrived in Philadelphia in August 1752. Because the metal was too brittle, it cracked during a test strike and had to be recast twice.

What does the Liberty Bell stand for?

The Liberty Bell is a well-known symbol of freedom in the United States. The bell was first made in 1752 for the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall. In the early 1800s, people who wanted to outlaw slavery called it the “ Liberty Bell ” and used it as a symbol for their cause.

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