Quick Answer: How To Draw A Bird Step By Step For Beginners?


How do you draw a bird step by step?


  1. Start the body with a round shape.
  2. Attach a head with a point.
  3. Erase line and add large eye and beak.
  4. Draw a wing.
  5. Erase line and add tail.
  6. Add lots of feather details.
  7. Draw a branch underneath.
  8. Add leaves on the branch, clouds in the sky.

What is the color of a bird?

Blue and iridescent colors in birds are never produced by pigments, however. They are “structural colors.” The blues are produced by minute particles in the feather that are smaller in diameter than the wavelength of red light.

How do you draw a bird toddler?

Drawing a Bird / Robin with Simple Shapes for Preschoolers, Toddlers, Young Kids

  1. First, draw a half of a circle and a line.
  2. Now add another circle and erase dotted line.
  3. Now add a triangle for the bird’s tail.
  4. Now give the robin a wing and two feet.
  5. Now add an eye by drawing a circle with another circle around it.

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