Quick Answer: How To Draw A Cardinal?


How do you draw a simple red cardinal?


  1. Draw a half circle at an angle.
  2. Add a tail.
  3. Draw a wing on top.
  4. Erase inside the wing, and add a face.
  5. Draw tail lines and add two feet.
  6. Draw a branch underneath the feet.
  7. Add another branch above.
  8. Draw a tree line in the background.

How do you attract cardinals to your yard?

Cardinal Bird Food

  1. Whether you offer them inexpensive sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, suet or even broken up peanuts – stocking a feeder year-round with cardinal – attracting snacks is a good way to make your yard more cardinal friendly.
  2. Cardinal birds will also eat mealworms you put out to attract bluebirds.

What do cardinals mean?

Cardinals represent devotion, loving relationships, courtship, and monogamy above everything else in the Native American lore, while some tribes thought cardinals to be the harbinger of rain, other tribes, like the southeastern tribe, associated good fortune and sun with them.

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