Quick Answer: How To Draw A Squirel?


What animal eats a squirrel?

Weasels, coyotes, badgers, foxes, and bobcats are some of the most common mammalian predators for squirrels.

How do you make a squirrel on little alchemy?

Squirrel combinations in Little Alchemy

  1. + tree = nut.
  2. + computer = Pokki.
  3. + bird = flying squirrel.
  4. + wind = flying squirrel.
  5. + airplane = flying squirrel.
  6. + sky = flying squirrel.

How do you draw a squirrel face?

Step 1: Begin by drawing two large apple seed shaped eyes a distance apart. Step 2: Draw a flattened oval that connects the eyes and circles the area of the head. Step 3: Construct 3 overlapping semi-circles to create the mouth. Step 4: Draw in the acorn shaped nose just about the mouth.

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