Quick Answer: How To Draw Angry Birds?


Is Matilda a chicken in Angry Birds?

Matilda is the secondary tritagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio. She was introduced in 2009, as part of the original 5 birds of the flock.

Gender Female
Species Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus)
Size Large
Abilities Shooting Egg Bombs vertically downward


What is the name of yellow angry bird?

Chuck is the yellow angry bird. Chuck is known to be one of Red in Angry Birds ‘ best friends.

What’s the name of the red angry bird?

The Birds, Names, and Abilities

Birds Names
White Bird Matilda
Green Bird or Boomerang Bird Hal
Big Brother Bird or Big Red Bird Terence
Orange Bird Bubbles


Who is bomb from angry birds?

Bomb, the Black Bird is the tritagonist of The Angry Birds Movie. He is voiced by Danny McBride, who also voiced the Boss Wolf from Kung Fu Panda 2, And Honey Mustard from Sausage Party.

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