Quick Answer: How To Draw Haunted House?


How do you draw the Halloween forest?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Spooky Forest

  1. Begin by drawing a large circle. This will become the full moon.
  2. Begin drawing a gnarled old tree.
  3. Draw a few more short tree limbs, using pairs of curved lines that meet at points.
  4. Continue drawing small branches on the second tree.

How do you make a haunted house for a toddler?

Ideas for a Kid -Friendly Haunted House

  1. Have the kids paint their faces when they arrive.
  2. Fill up white plastic trash bags with leaves and tie them up.
  3. Decorate the walls with glow-in-the-dark spider, bar, and witch decals.
  4. Use your backyard for a haunted scavenger hunt!

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